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I just sat for PA and I wanted to give a HUGE shoutout. This content is amazing and without saying any details I felt fairly confident with the exam, I will definitely be recommending this site to all my actuary friends


2019-12-15 15:52:39 UTC

I found that the with its focus on hands on training, the course delivers a significant boost to meeting all the learning requirements for the PA exam.


2020-01-07 15:55:53 UTC

Buy 👏 this 👏 course 👏 This course is the reason I passed in December. I wouldn't have been able to prepare at all on my own, and I wouldn't have even been willing to TRY and sit for the December exam if it weren't this product. I passed after only studying for 2.5 months because Sam is really THAT GOOD.


2020-03-02 01:46:50 UTC

I almost exclusively used for studying for PA, and I basically crammed it all in two days and I got an 8!


2020-03-02 23:59:32 UTC

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